01Unique Platform Designed For You

The first rule in business is; to be different than your competitor. That means, clear offerings and different ways of telling stories. This can be achieved with a unique platform that displays and manage your contents clearly.

02Responsive Web Design

Allowing your users the exact same experience, be it on mobile, desktops or tablets.

03Easy Content Management

We'll show you how to easily update your contents, manage your posts, pages and categories from one central administrative area.

04Multilingual Features

Provide the global experience for your users and reach out to a larger audience.

05Friendly for Social Sharings

We make your website social media friendly. Displaying the right size of image, title and captions only!

06Interactive Banners

Easily set-up your interactive banners with your latest promotions, news, and events on your home page.

07One Simple Solution for Everything

With Orangesoft, you have control over everything in one location. Saves you both time and money.

08Google Analytics Installation

Track your visitors’ behavior, background, and get useful reports on all your website traffic. We help integrate Google Analytics to your website.

09Third Party Integration

You’ve signed up to a few independent systems to make your business runs smoothly, and you just need these systems to be available within your website. Good news, we make that happen for you.


All these benefits that you’re getting are crafted on Drupal platform. Orangesoft has been working closely with Drupal over the past 10 years, making us as one of the top Drupal specialists in Malaysia. It’s an open-source platform that makes you rethink on internet possibilities, as well as web security.