Why Drupal?

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Find out why we choose Drupal over other popular CMS and if Drupal is the right choice for your website.  

Why Drupal?
Why Drupal?

Our Reasons

Why Our Web Developer Think Drupal Is The Best Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal's concentrated innovation brings value and new capabilities for successful digital experiences to all of our partners.



Of the 8000 hacked websites scanned by Sucuri, only 2% are built with Drupal. Research by Imperva reveals that Drupal is more secure than its popular counterparts. 

Also, Drupal maintains transparency with their up-to-date security report page. This is why Drupal is favoured by government institutions.



Drupal is designed from its core to have highly integratable modules, to give your websites all manner of functional extensions.

In terms of traffic, a well-tuned installation of Drupal can handle up to millions of visitors each day.



You may have heard that Drupal is complex to use. But that’s not quite the whole truth.The only hard part is the coding and development aspect, which is the developer’s job anyway. 

Whatever you will be interacting with will be easy to use. Drupal has features such as Layout Builder that makes editing the website as easy as dragging and dropping.



Drupal has been powering websites for years, constantly being updated and stable throughout. With the latest version being Drupal 8, they support anyone using older versions for 5 years. 

As for performance, Drupal is less resource-intensive than its CMS counterparts. These are just some of the reasons more than 1,000,000 websites run on Drupal.

All CMS are unique on its own

Drupal is a Content Management System just like Wordpress and Joomla, but they’re not built the same. 

Here's a summary of the difference of these CMS.

Knowing If Web Development using Drupal CMS is right for you

You have come to the right place!

Every website shares different objective as there are no two businesses exactly alike. Therefore, the platform of choice depends on your objectives and requirements. It is never a matter of one CMS being better than the other. 


To sum it up, Drupal is your best choice if you’re looking for:

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