Orangesoft is shaped by our core principles.


We believe that we can serve our clients much better by being excellent in a focused set of skills. That’s why we only offer website and web app development services, leaving things like hosting, copywriting, videography to other specialists.


It’s no use being proud of the code we build if it’s not working well for our clients and their customers. Websites should be an asset that brings you value by saving money and time, not a recurring expense.


When the job is done, we won’t pack up and go home just yet. We’re with you after launch to support you for any potential hiccups. Our after-sales team will be more than happy to help you there.

While others merely ensure the solidity of their code, we take the customer’s point of view. That’s why our products are marketing-ready, designed with proper UX, and easy to operate.


About Us

Orangesoft consists of specialists with deep knowledge and understanding of their specific area of expertise. We have a creative director, UI/UX designers, web developers, account managers, project managers, performance marketeers, technical auditors, and a dedicated support team. Having specialists will bring you better service and insights than a jack of all trades, master of none. With our lean methodologies and smart applications of tech, a small group can handle high traffic of projects at any stage.

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