Why You Need Website Maintenance




Did you know that having your website maintained is the next most important step after having a website? Well now you know.

If you’re wondering what is website maintenance and how it is important to you, here’s some points you should really consider.

Software updates

Websites in general are a bunch of complex software applications put together. Software applications need constant updates to make sure they work smoothly and securely. Just like the apps you have on your phone, your website requires the same attention. When your website is maintained, programmers spend a lot of effort making sure every part of your website is updated accordingly to the latest requirements.


Your website is made up of thousands of lines of code. When your website is attacked, hackers look for weaknesses (a.k.a vulnerabilities) within the code. When they do, they exploit and make your website do whatever they want. This can range from harmless fun to very serious breach of data. A well maintained website, will make sure the vulnerabilities in the code is updated with the latest patches and security.

It’s also important to note, that it is not impossible for your website to still be hacked despite the latest security. In the event that this happens, maintenance usually works round the clock to clear your website from the viruses and make sure you are cleared out of any blacklists on various search engines.


You probably want your website to rank well in the search engine, who wouldn’t? You should also know that ranking well in a search engine requires a lot of things. A few being that your website must be able to load fast, relevant keywording, free from errors, and having fresh content. All of this requires constant updates as a search engine algorithm keeps changing from time to time. This means the rules to rank on top is constantly changing.

To improve visitor experience

Too often businesses fall into the pit of outdated websites. Contents that are outdated, website links that are broken, pictures that don’t load, videos that don’t play, texts that don’t show up clearly, are all traits of an outdated website. It’s a shameful thing, especially in this day and age. Your website is the face of your business, your audience will always look for your website whenever they hear about you. That’s how they research you, get to know you, understand what you’re trying to do for them. With an updated website, their experience will be much smoother and it will increase your chance of converting them to a paying customer. If you make it difficult for them to know about you, then you’re gonna lose out.

Reach Every Client

Today, your audience can come from a tablet or a smartphone, it’s not just the laptop or desktop. This means that your website must be responsive and work well when viewed from a tablet or a smartphone. There are many factors on how and why some features that can be viewed from a desktop may not work well when viewed from a smartphone. Having your website maintained will take care of it periodically, as changes come fast. When your website is always updated, you’ll have an even bigger reach to your audience.


It’s always a good return on investment when you prioritise website maintenance. Keeping it up to date and secure, will take care of your business and your visitors.


If you’re wondering about an easy way for website maintenance, we have the package for you. Message us now!