Why website security is important




Do you own a website? Is your business heavily reliant on your website? If so, have you taken a closer look at your website security?

With all of that valuable data going in and out, you may be a target of online threats. Security software helps protect your website from any threats like backdoor hacks, redirect hacks, Trojans, and the infamous ransomware.

Enterprise networks are always at high risk of vulnerability. Enterprise networks harbour enterprise level data, that’s you. This type of data is highly targeted by online threats. Businesses who aren’t careful tend to always be a victim of a data breach. E.g., the Sony data breach of 2014.

Here’s 5 reasons why website security is important:

They target your customers

Once an attacker has gained access to your website, a malicious software is used to infect your website by gathering your data or hijacking computer resources. This enables the attacker to redirect traffic, infect your visitors with unwanted software, or leak all of your users personal info and sell it to the highest bidder.

Automated hacking tools use a wide range of malware to do the hacking  whatever types of hacks they use, bottom line is that your potential customers, your website visitors, is always the target.

It’s so common that it is scary

Google reported that in 2016, the amount of website security breach is at 32% which is higher than the previous year. As businesses start to boom with the digital era, hackers are becoming more aggressive & smarter with their tactics to infect business websites. A report from WebARX states that the number of attacks in 2017 was almost six times higher than the previous year.

That’s a huge leap and only shows how disturbingly common these attacks are. If you think that it won’t happen to you then statistically speaking, it will happen to you.

The blacksite: where websites go to die

When your site is hacked, the potential customer cannot reach the products or services being offered. A hacked site is always added to different types of blacklists across different search engines.

When this happens, Google and other search engines warn your customers and restrict them from entering your website. Starting from July 2018, Google has made it so that every website without SSL (HTTPS) will be marked as insecure and therefore receive an SEO penalty. Once a website is in the blacklist, it’s going to be time consuming and demands a lot of effort to get it restored.

Prevention is cheaper than cure

The process of a malware clean-up of a website is much more than just manually going through the files. It’s about knowing the vulnerabilities and knowing a hacker’s mind. Malware is often hidden from the original files and to the database and attackers put a lot of effort into making sure you won’t be able to remove their backdoors so easily. It’s expensive, indeed. Not just the malware clean-up service itself, but the lost revenue and reputational damage are what can eat up a lot of time and money to recover from.

If you’re wondering how do you even start to go about cleaning up your website, don’t. This is the kind of thing where you absolutely need to hire a professional.

Business reputation and revenue at stake

Imagine looking for a website and after a few minutes of checking it out, your computer starts acting weird. Surprise, it’s a virus. You’ll probably not be coming back to that website ever again.

That is usually what happens to your potential customers if you fail to secure your website. In some cases, browsers like Google would warn users away from websites that are infected. With everything being online these days, the legitimacy of your company brand is determined by how legitimate your website is. It sends a damaging massage to your business if your website is infected and on a blacklist, scaring away potential customers and useful traffic.

Every website without adequate website security is at major risk of being hacked. Seek out a professional and invest in professional care for your website, your brand, and your business. If you’re looking for one right now, we at Orangesoft have the best Website Maintenance package available for you. Security included. Just click here and let us handle the rest for you.