What Makes an Unattractive Website Design?




If you wish to create one of the best looking website designs, you need to understand designs that do not appeal to people. This will help you steer clear of the many common mistakes committed by designers.


Attributes of an Unattractive Website Design

A website design that makes it difficult for visitors to distinguish between advertisements and hyperlinks scattered all over the page is an example of a commonly found design blunder. There should be distinct compartments for different kinds of information. Without this, it will become difficult for users to figure out what to focus on and how to navigate the site. What makes it worse is a design with an uneven color scheme, which the designer may have chosen to give the site a unique look, but failed miserably.

Some designers just happen to pollute their own designs by emphasizing on not so important design components and putting less emphasis on the more important ones. You will come across many such web pages that are full of hyperlinks. Sometimes many of them would even feature single-word links next to one sentence. Too many scattered hyperlinks can confuse the visitor. Sometimes users happen to click on links that they did not intend to, getting frustrated and ending up deciding never to go to that site again.

Another example of an unattractive website design would be one that is screaming for the visitor to sign up on opening. Instead of offering something valuable to your visitors, you would be leading them to a web page where they have to give their personal details without even knowing what is going to happen next. This is the best thing a designer can do to mar the popularity of a website. Moreover, icons or flash being used unsparingly through a web page can distract a visitor from the content, which in most cases is the most crucial part of a website. A visitor may at first glance be impressed by the visual assault, but would never remember the website or recollect the company’s logo when he or she needs something.

The two most critical attributes of a good website design are simplicity and clarity. If made well, a simple design can be as memorable and attractive as any graphical delight. Clarity saves time for visitors and leads them to the desired sections of the website. We at Orangesoft are aware of all the above mentioned points. Give us a call today if you would like to discuss your project.