Web Design Trends: Where Do We Go From Here




Web design trends have evolved from being very straightforward to very complex or even enigmatic. These shifts have occurred gradually and subtly, with more and more designers experimenting with their designs to develop something more creative.

Here are some examples of new experiments being undertaken by web designers:

Serif Fonts: The last decade saw most web designers using either Arial or Verdana for text designing. This decade is likely to make a shift to Serif fonts.

Sketch/ Hand-drawn Design: Hand-drawn designs have been used for quite some time now but only by a handful of designers. What designers are realizing now is that these designs have a lasting impact on the visitor. Many designers feel apprehensive about being able to sketch without advanced designing software. However, the general trend appears to be in favor of sketches that give a corporate web design that extra competitive edge.

Typography: Using the idea of mix n’ match with fonts sounds interesting. By exploring, twisting and molding different old and new fonts, designers can come up with web designs that make the websites stand out. A website with typography as its main element would be more appealing than a page loaded with photos, which takes a long time to load.

Mobile Design: The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 has taken the world by storm. Telecom companies are now in a race to bring out the smartest smart phones that support CSS and JavaScript. Many editorial sites, design agencies and web applications are now offering a mobile version as well. The new decade is bound to see rapid developments in this arena.

Huge Images: Companies are leveraging on the visual impact created by their websites’ design. We have been seeing oversized logos or headers for a long time now. The trend now is moving towards huge images. Many designers are using huge images to convey the tone of the site to the visitor, rather than just concentrating on the logo or content. Huge images may not promote your brand but these are likely to create an immediate interaction with the visitor who may carry a shadow of the image for quite some time in his mind. 

The ultimate goal of websites is to promote business and attract traffic. Implementation of new designs can be of great help in this direction, by engaging visitors and converting them into actual customers.