Web design tips for service-based businesses




Most web design tips that you can find online are geared towards businesses that sell physical goods. But what web design principles should you follow if you run a service-based business? Here at Orangesoft, we understand that goods-based and service-based businesses have subtly different website design requirements. Many of the web design tips we’ve offered in previous blogs apply particularly well to goods-based businesses. That’s why we’d like to devote today’s blog to web design tips specifically for businesses that offer services rather than physical products.


1. Divide your services carefully

It can be tempting to place similar services on the same webpage. However, this limits the number of potential landing pages on your site, which can have a negative impact on your SEO. It also makes the pages you do have seem more crowded and confusing. We suggest creating a separate page for each of your services. This will make your pages appear clearer and more focused, therefore ensuring that they appeal to consumers. Furthermore, it will maximise the number of pages on your site and increase the chances of one of those pages appearing in the SERPs in response to a particular search query. Remember, any page on your site could appear in the Search Engine Results Pages and act as a landing page, so it’s advisable to have a reasonable number of pages.


2. eCommerce facilities aren’t just for goods-based businesses

You may think that you don’t need to give your website eCommerce capabilities because it doesn’t need to function like a store that sells physical goods. In reality, however, consumers value the ability to buy services online as well as products. Obviously, you don’t need a full-blown eCommerce store with a range of category pages and dozens of product pages. However, you should have a page that allows prospective customers to book your services online for an upfront fee or a deposit.


3. Show your services in action and demonstrate quality

Use videos and images heavily to show how your services work and back these up with prominent testimonials. Consumers need to know that you offer a high quality of service before they invest in you. Remember, it’s harder for customers to get an idea of the quality of a service than the quality of a product because services are intangible.

If you run a service-based business and want to increase the effectiveness of your web-presence, get in touch with us today. We can help you create a site that promotes your business and drives sales in a way that works for you.