Top E-Commerce Website Trends Every Professional Web Design Company Should Know




In the past few years, online retailers have embraced social media, integrated their websites with numerous payment systems, and better optimized their websites for use on mobile platforms.

Yet, as technology moves steadily forward, professional web design companies can expect to see changing trends. The following are a few growing e-commerce website trends to take note of.

Responsive Web Design:

As consumers adapt to living their lives via smartphones and tablets, they’ll expect platform-specific offerings from their professional web design company, especially those that help in easily navigating a page and thus offering a better shopping experience for visitors. Responsive web design will help optimize web content so that it conforms to any type of device being used to view a webpage.


Real Time Personalization for Everyone:

Personalization is not new, but its widespread and gaining popularity definitely is. We’re going to see major industries like finance, travel and media lead the change, but also expect businesses in other industries, such as gaming and charity, to take advantage of personalization solutions to offer more custom experiences.


Social Media Plug-Ins:

With the advent and considerable rise of social media, it will be no surprise that social media plug-ins will appear on basically every major e-commerce site. Adding these will prove to be a budget-friendly way of having one’s products, articles, advertisements, photos and other aspects of a website shared across the entire internet platform.


Increased Video Use:

A trend seen more frequently in e-commerce website design is the use of video and larger banners. While in the past, a professional web design company would be more likely to create borders and use images around the edges of the site, designers are now using a large image or video that stretches across the full width of the site instead. This provides a more striking initial impression to the consumer.

Finally, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. It’s important to remember that not all e-commerce trends are right for every business. Therefore, make sure you consult your professional web design company to understand what is best suited for your business.