How to Pick A Good Hosting?




When it comes to hosting's choices, people tend to be attracted by several numbers, be it disk space, bandwidths, number of domain name, number of emails accounts etc. Not to says that these numbers are not important, but there are other things we believe should come in first.

Reliability. Look for a minimum uptime of 99%. Speed of access. Where do the server hosted? If you're targeting for Malaysia visitors, servers that hosted in Malaysia deliver best speed of access Disk space. Be extra caution with those offering "unlimited" disk space! Bandwidths. Same as above, be extra caution to those offering "unlimited" bandwidths!

Technical support. When something goes wrong, will there be someone stand by to help you? There's many more aspects to see upon choosing a good hosting. Points raised above are the most important one, if you found a host that can't fulfil all of these, you better scout for others.

Besides, you might ask yourself, what kind of hosting are you looking for? Is it cheap hosting, reliable hosting, premium hosting, or even free hosting? Take a piece of paper now, and start jotting down your needs, based on the resources that you have. And then start scouting. Or better yet, talk to someone that probably have experienced a bunch of different hosting providers, just so that they could offer you the best solution for your hosting dilemma. After all, things usually get done faster if only you would ask.