How To Build An Online Sales Funnel




As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the term “Sales Funnel” being thrown around here and there. You’ve probably used it in creating your business model. So the question is, how do you translate it to your website? 

Sales funnel also works when building your landing page or your website altogether. Most websites use it to build their flow and navigation of their website. 

So here are 5 steps you can do to build your online sales funnel. 

Create an effective landing page

Landing pages are useful for the sole purpose of creating a long lasting impression for your audience. How you design it, and the copy used will affect your audience’s perception of your business. Don’t rush this part of your website & don’t be afraid to invest either. If done well, it will practically pay for itself. 

An effective landing page influences your audience to stay longer on your website which will result in clicks. Clicks could mean signing up, ordering, or inquiring about your business.

Present the benefits

The next step is to present the benefits of your product or service. Focus on how does this benefit them & not your products’ winning personalities. Most businesses make this common mistake of bragging about how their product is better than their competitors. Your audience doesn’t care, shift it to them. How does it benefit them? This creates interest within your audience. 

Done right, you’ve entered the pre-selling phase of your sales funnel. 

Upsell your products 

Now that you’ve piqued their interest, they’re ready to buy your product or service. At this point of the sales funnel, make full use of their willingness to buy. Offer them an upgrade to whatever they’ve decided to buy. An upgrade means more value to them and more money for you. Don’t be shy to push offers. 

Make sure that it easy for them to accept the offer or opt-out. This is a very crucial moment in your sales funnel, if navigation isn’t smooth then it may frustrate your customers to the point of rejecting the entire order.

Offer an alternative

Present a cheaper alternative to your products or services. Your customers may have a range of financial constraints. This way you increase your chances of a successful sale across the board. 

Don’t neglect to offer value to your customers even at this stage. Think of it as offering a downsized version of your product or service. 

Keep it on repeat

The last step of the funnel is where you keep in touch with your customers or your audience who have yet to buy. Don’t give up! Offer them a free e-mail subscription for the latest updates, you’ll have the opportunity to keep the sales going. Other efforts would be membership-based rewards or a free trial of your most basic product or service. 

Always keep in touch with your paying customers and keep offering solutions and value to their problems.  

The sales funnel model works in every form of business. In the online market, it works as a good starting point for your website. After you’ve understood your audience’s behavior, then you’ll be able to customise your website accordingly.