Customized Web Design vs Template




In the fast pacing world of technology, it's essential to have a website. No matter the size or a purpose of a business, the point is to own a website in order to reach out to the local and global audience. But is simple “website ownership” enough? Not really. What’s much more important than a website itself is the website’s design, structure and content.

One needs to make sure that the website is dynamic. It’s engaging. It’s well-structured and visitors get exactly what they came to look for. In this blog post, I would like to answer one of the most commonly asked questions: “What is the difference between customized web design and web design based on a template?”

First of all, the difference is huge. It is the same as if you tried to compare Audi R8 with Ford Fiesta. If you’re not into cars, vizualize a 5-star hotel competing with a hostel. You know what I mean?

A) Customized aka custom web design is a personalized web design that is built to suit perfectly business’s needs. In other words, if you have a customized web design, the design was drawn from a scratch just for you. The website’s layout, colors, pictures, order of content, buttons, internal links… these are all according to your wishes. If you have customized web design, you can be sure that no one else in the world has the identical website to yours.

B) Template web design is based on a template (“clap, clap” no one would ever say so). Someone has created and coded web design template, which is now available for others to use. Anyone can purchase the template and that’s why having a template automatically makes your web design identical to someone else’s. And most probably someone else’s in your industry.

Am I the only one who thinks that I’m too pessimistic about templates? Probably not, so let’s be fair and describe all the advantages and disadvantages of customized web design and web design based on template, so that you can brush away my pessimism and make your own opinion about template web design.

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Overall functions and design

Customized web design is far ahead of template web design. Templates are limited, especially when it comes to cheap templates. Some of the templates don’t allow its owners to change location of a logo.

The Winner: Customized web design 

Time Customized web design is generally more time consuming. It makes sense, as templates are ready to buy products. If you buy a template, the only work that needs to be done is content insertion. This usually takes from 4-12 days, depending on the complexity of your content.

On the other hand, if you purchase customized web design, the whole design must be drawn from a scratch. You get the opportunity to adjust the design, therefore the process of creation takes from 4-8 weeks depending on you requirements and efficiency of your web design company.

The Winner: Template web design


Scalability is the possibility to add new functions to your website. When talking about new functions, imagine e.g. online payment method, integration with a Live chat etc. Some of the templates available online are already pre-coded with a possibility to upgrade your website to eCommerce in the future. However, if you purchase a template without eCommerce function,you won’t be able to sell online. In this case, you would need to purchase a new template. Customized websites are not limited.You can ask your web design company to ad don any new function in the future.

The Winner: Customized web design

Price Customized web design is usually at least 3 times more expensive than templates, depending on the complexity of a website. If website requirements are too high, customized web design can be even 20 times more expensive than template web design.

The Winner: Template web design


Let's use our imagination to summarize the differences between customized web design and web design based on template. A lot of times, people assume that a custom web design is way too expensive for what you get in return. But the true is just the opposite. Let’s get back to the example with a 5-star hotel and a hostel. 

Assigned roles

Customized web design starring as the 5-start hotel

Template web design in a main role as the hostel


When you stay in a 5-star hotel, you get all the great services that you paid for and most of the times even more, because you are treated as a God. You have a pool, spa, a tennis courts, a gym and many more. When you go for a breakfast, it takes the whole morning to taste all the different versions that are served. Whereas in a hostel, you can’t expect to get anything extra. You might want to go to a pool, but guess what? You will end up in shower, because pool is not an option. And in a case, you bought a breakfast, you can’t expect to get a Swedish table with 20 different choices of a breakfast as in a 5-star hotel. Two versions must do.

Now imagine, that you invite someone to join you for a trip. You ask them, where they want to stay, whether in the 5-star hotel or the hostel. What do you think they will choose? The hostel! Ups, got you, not really….Of course, they will choose the 5-star hotel, because of those great services they can experience (If you’re questioning this, I forgot to mention that you’re the one, who is paying for the trip). And it’s the same with your website visitors. What do you think they will prefer the customized web design, where they get the great experience or a template web design, where they get the basic experience as anywhere else?

Yes, it is obvious that I am in a favor of customized web design and I am not rejecting this. Even though the market with template websites is improving every day, the possibilities are still not even close to what you have, when you own customized web design. If the purpose of your website is blogging or just a simple website which serves as your portfolio, go with a template.

On the other hand, if you have a business and would like shine among your competitors, go with custom web design. It might be expensive in a short-term, however, it’s a great long-term investment that will pay back. How do I know? Google Analytics doesn't lie? Have a great day peeps! If you want to know more about customized web design, visit Orangesoft’s web design page here. Or just leave us a message at [email protected] and we will share all we know about this topics.