5 Reasons Your Website is Losing Attention




Going through many websites and designing for more of them, we notice that many brands still make silly mistakes. Mistakes that cause them to lose huge potential revenue. It’s 2018 and we are still surprised that websites are guilty of these mistakes. 

Here’s 5 of them that makes your website lose attention.


Too much information on your website in this day and age is never a good thing. Your visitors will most likely skim through your site. If they have to sit there and read a huge block of text for important information, then 9 out of 10 times they will just lose interest and click off. 

Typos and Grammar

Everyone expects flawless grammar on the website. Period. This shows that the business is professional and valid. It also makes reading through text easy to understand. Websites with bad grammar turns off anyone reading it and leaves a bad mark on your brand as a whole. 

Too many Stock images

Stock images don’t really give off any familiarity to your brand. When your visitors look through, they are probably searching for something that they find relatable and familiar about your brand. If all they see are stock photos, then it’s usually a red flag to them and they will just click away.  It’s always a red flag if they can’t really see or experience your brand visually. 

Auto Playing flash videos/background sound

There’s nothing more annoying than websites that plays background music whenever a visitor is on. It’s annoying when it was something for blogs, it is even more so when it is on a legitimate website. Now imagine if it was video that immediately plays and you have no way of turning it off. These two things are a sure fire way to make any visitor just click off your website. 

Distracting Ads

Ads are good for business, sure. Still, ads that have no sense of structure or design is just distracting to your visitors. They are there for something specific to your brand and not the ads. Websites that are filled with ads everywhere will lead your visitors to the “x” they will be so eager to click on. What’s even worse is pop-ups. 

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