3 Web Design Trends for 2017





Web design is one of those disciplines which follows the wind of trends, as well as being influenced by the new technologies which emerge to give designers a helping hand. In this blog, we will look at some of the trends to appear so far in 2017, and describe how they have impacted on the field.



Colour is certainly one part of web design which seems to come in waves - all it takes is one high profile, eye-catching campaign and designers will be scrambling to get on the bandwagon. After all, if it works, it works. This year we have seen the impact which images composed of simply two colours (other than black and white) can have. This is known as duotone and is certainly one of the developments which have characterised 2017's techniques so far.



Going back to go forward

Design, much like music, borrows so often on the best elements of the past that it could be said that trends go in cycles. The retro look has come back big time in web design, so expect to see sites and ads designed using that vintage typography, images produced in variations of black and white, as well as elements we naturally link to certain eras - such as the all colourful, acid house style in the early 90s theming - which was itself inspired by the psychedelic 60s!


Modular design

Whether you want a website to project creativity, reliability or prestige, there are plenty of reasons why web designers are increasingly applying modular design techniques to compartmentalise layouts. This block grid style of web design offers a high level of organisation, while still leaving room to be forthright and funky when needed. This style lends itself perfectly to businesses with multiple offerings or services which they wish to segment, without necessarily having to spread content over several pages.


So there you have it, three web design trends which seem to be picking up the pace in 2017. Looking into the crystal ball to 2027, will we be noting the emergence of the same developments?


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