What is SSL and why you need it





Security is a top concern for anyone venturing into anything on the internet. Personal data is very valuable and in the wrong hands, can do a lot of harm. So how do businesses make sure their websites are secure for their customers? They purchase an SSL certificate. 

Websites with https in their address, means they have an SSL certificate which also means that they are secure. You’ll also notice the green colour font which a lot of people have interpreted it being a sign of legitimacy for websites. Their not entirely wrong either, because websites with an SSL certificate means that whoever they claim they are is true. 

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that secures the connection between a web server and a browser. Which means any data flowing to and from is locked tight from prying eyes. 

It’s important for all businesses to have an SSL certificate today and here’s why; 

Protection Against Hackers

When your website is SSL certified, you’ll have a HTTPS included in your website address. What this means is any information between your device and the website your visiting is encrypted, making the information unreadable. 

The certificate help websites that require sensitive details like your credit card info, personal info, or your password. Also, it protects you from any third party (i.e. a hacker) who is intercepting transmissions between your device and the website you’re visiting. 

You’re More Trustworthy to Users

Thanks to Google, we’ve come to know what a safe and legitimate website looks like and that is if their web address has a green font of text saying HTTPS. 

With an SSL certificate, you’re building trust for new and old visitors who frequent your website. You’re also putting forward that their privacy and security is important to you. 

Not only will visitors trust your website but they’ll be confident in sharing information too. 

Chrome Displays Your Site Properly

Websites that don’t have an SSL certificate will be displayed by Google with a warning. The warning implicates your website as being unsafe and not having a secure connection, this means that any visitors will immediately click away. Obviously, your business will accumulate a negative image. 

With an SSL certificate, your website will be displayed as intended. Without any warning or intimidating alerts to visitors. 



SSL certificate is no longer a competitive advantage as it used to be in the past. Nowadays, it is a must! Need help with your SSL certificate? We make websites with SSL certificates now, let’s chat!