Top 3 Web Design trends in 2019



Top 3 Web Design trends in 2019

Web design trends are always changing. 2019 looks to be no different. Old styles are making a comeback, and some trends are still going strong. Here are the top 3 Web Design trends to look out for in 2019.


1. Asymmetrical layouts makes a comeback

Until now, the layouts of websites and advertisements could be anticipated. However, be ready to get surprised in 2019 as you will witness unusual, asymmetrical and scattered grid styled layouts where the information you are seeking would not be in the typical place that you had expected.

2019 is the year where designers will break the old patterns and open the door of innovation and creativity in design.

2. Simplicity will be popular

Navigating across the world of information overload is a tiresome task, where complex graphic designs cause tension to one’s eyes. Moreover, a complex graphic design may unnecessarily create confusion and take away the essence of a brand.

Designers now realize, the best way to communicate through graphics is to keep them simple yet powerful enough to convey the intended message successfully. Moreover, minimal designs transfer the message directly and sometimes the absence of description generates curiosity among audience to know more about the brand.


3. Love for Nostalgia: A recurring theme in 2019

People say that nostalgia is a beautiful liar. But still, it’s beautiful. As we move ahead in time, we yearn for memories of the past.

This trend will be reflected in the graphic styles in 2019. Detailed vintage motifs and mid-century styles will be reflected in the graphics everywhere. However, these details will be done with a modern touch.


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