Rebrand the right way



Rebrand the right way

Rebranding your business can be scary. You have current customers who've come to know you a certain way and you have no idea if a rebrand will attract new customers. Rebranding online and keeping and gaining the website visitors and clients takes a lot of courage too.

Around 77 percent of consumers say they don’t care about having a relationship with a brand. The goal for a rebranding is to reach the remaining people who do want to engage. 

Here are 5 steps to rebrand your business without losing current or potential customers:

1. Understand why your customers like you

Before you choose to rebrand, get to know your target audience. Study the demographics through Google, via your internal data from past sales, website analytics and by polling your customers.
The last thing you want to do is take away the things that make customers like you. Tropicana made this mistake in 2009 when they changed its orange juice cartons. Customers didn’t like the new containers and didn’t understand the reason for change. Unsurprisingly, sales dropped. Your rebrand can be more successful, but make sure you understand your customer base and what they prefer.


2. Communicate why you’re rebranding

You may have a good reason for rebranding. Perhaps you chose a complicated name when you opened your business and your customers have come to know you by a shorter version. Your rebrand should be to align your image with how customers already see you.

Make sure to explain to current customers why you’ve chosen to rebrand. New leads may also notice you’ve made a change and wonder why. Whatever type of rebrand you’re completing, know the reasons why and be ready to communicate with customers.

3. Create brand loyalty with content

One way to build brand loyalty is through unique content focused on giving value to the consumer. Make sure you know your target audience, so you understand the questions they have and the areas where they would receive the most value. Except having content on your website, you can also create content for email marketing or on social media. 

4. Grab customers’ attention in unique way

Once you’ve come up with the reason for the rebrand and made sure it aligns with your target audience, think up unique ways to grab the attention of customers. Invest in a good marketing team, and have them create unique marketing campaigns that pulls attention. Make sure that campaigns still stick with the tone and voice of your new rebrand. 


5. Protect your new leads

Once you begin to gain new leads from your rebrand, keep the lines of communication open. Protect those leads from bouncing away by showing them you’re willing to work hard to keep their business. Each customer should feel like they’re important to your company. Make it easy for them to reach out to you and always make sure to respond. 
Rebranding can be scary but done right, it can boost your brand’s awareness and gain you a huge addition to your existing consumer base. If you need any help with your website in your quest to rebrand, contact us now