Martina Lokajova

Martina Lokajova

Hi there, my name is Martina and I was born and raised in Czech Republic. I’ve been currently finishing my university course in Marketing & Management in Denmark.


From January to May 2017, I had the chance to spend my 4-month internship in Orangesoft. As I’m looking back at my experience, I believe it was one of the best decisions I have made so far.


As an intern in Orangesoft, I got a lot of opportunities to improve a variety of skills and abilities. Many times, I would be challenged to use creative thinking and elaborate on new solutions that Orangesoft can incorporate in its daily processes. The best thing about Orangesoft is its management. Anytime I got a new idea or came with a new way on how to improve the company’s performance, I was heard by the manager. This is not a common thing in other companies, especially when you’re an intern, and that’s a shame.


The collective in Orangesoft is very friendly as well. There were some company activities, such as birthday parties, badminton games every Wednesday, Karaoke or a bike trip all the time.


Coming from a very different culture, I was eager to explore the way of living in the Southeast Asia. Even though it was not always easy, I would highly recommend anyone from western countries to come and experience the Malaysian culture. One learns so much just by being in the other part of the world without even realizing it.


Thank you Orangesoft for helping me grow, both professionally and personally. I wish you all the best and believe that you have a huge potential to become one of the best web design & development companies in the world.