Ilya Pelkin

Ilya Pelkin

Hello! My name is Ilya. I am from Belarus. I am currently studying Master’s degree in Business administration in Shanghai, China.


I have had a great opportunity to spend 11 weeks internship in Orangesoft, one of the best web design companies in entire Malaysia.


As being a digital marketing intern in Orangesoft, I had a perfect chance to learn a lot of new information in the field I have never been experienced in. The time at Orangesoft has helped me in getting a lot of practical skills in digital marketing which I am going to use further in my work. This internship has developed in me the ability of independent worker, given a chance to make a lot of decision on my own which is very seldom case in the majority of companies if you are an intern. Despite the fact of being intern the thoughts I’ve got during my work have always being taken into consideration by my boss. This is an extra bonus when you can feel yourself as valuable worker despite your lack of experience.


The colleagues in Orangesoft has treated me very good and from the first day I felt myself a part of this family. There were some company activities, such as birthday parties, badminton games every Wednesday and going to cinema.


Coming from a very different culture and spending two years in China I was eager to discover some which is absolutely different to previous two. During my staying here I got a chance to travel across Malaysia as well and the impressions I’ve got are very vivid and unforgettable.

Undoubtedly, the decision to get an internship in Orangesoft was one of the best I have made in my life and I am very grateful to Orangesoft team for welcoming my person and helping me to become better in many aspects.


I wish all the best to Orangesoft in all endeavors and hope will become only better and better in all you are doing.