When it comes to building websites with a CMS, most of us would have heard of Wordpress first. In terms of popularity and use, Wordpress pulls ahead of Drupal.However, we still chose to be specialists in Drupal. Here’s why.


Of the 8000 hacked websites scanned by Sucuri, only 2% are built with Drupal. Research by Imperva reveals that Drupal is more secure than its popular counterparts. Also, Drupal maintains transparency with their up-to-date security report page.

This is why Drupal is favoured by government institutions.


Drupal is designed from its core to have highly integratable modules, to give your websites all manner of functional extensions. In terms of traffic, a well-tuned installation of Drupal can handle up to millions of visitors each day.


You may have heard that Drupal is complex to use. But that’s not quite the whole truth.

The only hard part is the coding and development aspect, which is the developer’s job anyway. Whatever you will be interacting with will be easy to use. Drupal has features such as Layout Builder that makes editing the website as easy as dragging and dropping.


Drupal has been powering websites for years, constantly being updated and stable throughout. With the latest version being Drupal 8, they support anyone using older versions for 5 years. As for performance, Drupal is less resource-intensive than its CMS counterparts.

These are just some of the reasons more than 1,000,000 websites run on Drupal.

Comparing Drupal with Wordpress and Joomla

Drupal is a Content Management System just like Wordpress and Joomla, but they’re not built the same.

  Wordpress Joomla Drupal
Developer Friendly Yes but limited
Structural Flexibility
SEO friendly links
Multilingual capabilities
Multi-site management
Blog function
Scalability Limited to small sites
Security Good, but frequently targeted by attacks
Custom content types Comes with 2 types Yes but add-on required Highly flexible
Access Control Comes with 5 user roles Comes with 7 user roles Built-in function to create new roles

The verdict: is Drupal better than Wordpress?

Maintaining a sense of objectivity despite us being Drupal specialists, the short answer is: it depends. The real question should be ”which platform is better for my needs?”

Every project is different in the same way that no two businesses are exactly alike. Therefore, the platform of choice depends on your requirements and objectives. It’s not a matter of one CMS being better than the other.

To sum it up:

  • Choose Drupal for a future-proof, customizable, tailored solution

  • Choose Wordpress for an off-the-shelf, quick-to-deploy, no frills solution

Speaking to a savvy web development company will be a good start to explore your options.

We can tailor a CMS to your business needs.

Orangesoft has developed 500+ websites with Drupal since 2007. We offer :

Practicality for user and marketing friendly websites

Security and scalability on Drupal platform

Specialists with in-depth knowledge

Dedicated support teams after launch