What website data can teach you about your users




Web design is about far more than just presenting an attractive front for your business. A website should be developed to capitalise on the habits and behaviours of your customers to achieve the highest possible conversion rate. Integrated analytics tracking will enable you to learn about your users and should be set up from the earliest possible stage in developing a new website. This will enable you to learn a great deal about your users to tailor the website so that it is better suited to them. 

Where do they leave? 

Learning where your users are leaving the website can teach you what you are doing wrong. If everyone reaches a certain page and then leaves the website, this is telling you that this page is not working. You should examine why people are leaving at the points they do, and this should help you to remove any barriers to conversion in your web design. 

What are they interested in? 

By tracking where in your website people are visiting you can learn what they are interested in. If they’re all heading to the ‘about us’ page, for example, this would suggest that they are interested in your service but want to know whom they will be working with. Humanising your website can cut this out and lead to a faster conversion. 

Which call to action do they follow? 

Including numerous calls to action in a page can allow you to assess what routes people are following to the point of purchase. If everyone is following a certain route then it makes sense to focus your efforts on this route and reduce the prevalence of elements and calls to action that your users are not engaging with. 

Learn and develop

Using website data tools will enable you to learn a great deal about your users and will ensure that you can craft your website to suit their needs. Web design should be an ever-developing process that changes to meet the needs of users. However, it should also capitalise on their interests and patterns of behaviour when visiting your pages.

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