What Do Web Design Services Do for Businesses? Here Are a Few (Of Many)




Whether you're launching your new startup or re-branding your business website, there are many reasons to invest in your web design.

Perhaps the most important is the ability to capture the attention of your potential customers. However, you only have a tiny amount of time to do this: 50 milliseconds, in fact.

With such a short time to make a great impression, it's a good idea to consider investing in professional web design services.

Web design agencies don't just deal with making your site look great, either! There are so many things these services can help you with, from improving your conversion rate to integrating custom web apps for smooth performance.

Not convinced you need a professional web design service? Keep reading. It'll blow your mind.

3 Reasons Hiring a Professional Web Designer Will Change Your Life

Hiring a professional web design agency can revolutionize your business. It'll improve your conversion rate, help you access new potential audiences, and streamline your sales process. 

Here's why a professional is worth the investment.

1. Save Time, Save Money
You could build and maintain your own website, but that involves learning about HTML, web building software, and a whole bunch of technical stuff.

As you're busy running your company, do you really have the time to learn about all of that stuff, too? The time you spend learning about web development and design is time you could be spending on core business growth tasks instead.

A professional web developer and design agency won't need to spend the time on this research. You'll have a smart and effective website in far less time, saving you money and also getting your brand visible to customers much sooner, too.

2. Get an Expert's Opinion
Just as it takes a long time to learn the technical aspects of building a website, knowing the 'how' and 'why' of good design takes years of research, too.

A professional web designer will already have studied the craft and understand what's been tried and tested—and proven—to work for improved conversion and user experience. 

3. Create a Professional Brand
An expert designer will know how to create a cohesive brand that stands out from your competitors. They'll have an eye for great design, but, more importantly, know how to make design work for your brand.

A strong brand is crucial to business success. A web designer will ensure your brand style, colors, and even the tone of your content is consistent for all elements of your online presence.

5 Things Web Design Services Can Do for You

Web design agencies aren't just about the visual design of your website. They operate a whole host of different web services that could benefit your business.

1. Amazing Visual Design
Of course, visual design is a major part of a professional web design service. It's not just about how your actual website looks, though. They'll thread elements of your brand into everything, from browser icons to social media avatars.

There's science behind the visual design, too. A professional designer will know how to use color and placement of content to improve the usability of your website.

2. Improve Conversion with User-Friendly Layouts
The easier it is for your customers to use your website, the higher your conversion rate will be.

A web design agency will help to minimize the number of clicks a customer has to perform in order to complete an action. This increases the likelihood of them completing a purchase or a request for contact.

They'll also know what makes people interact with your brand. For example, they'll know how to build an attention-grabbing landing page and contact form and how to tie that into your Drupal CMS to help you build a stunning personalized email campaign.

3. Build Custom Web Apps
Custom web apps tie in with great usability. Instead of doing exactly the same thing as your competitors, bespoke apps and integration with your CMS will help you engage with your customers on a deeper level.

Unique apps that simplify your website for use on a smartphone also increases conversion rates. Nobody wants to scroll your desktop site on a small screen. A custom app helps customers access essential information while they're on-the-go.

In fact, people spend an average of 2 hours and 43 minutes using apps every day and only 23 minutes browsing mobile websites. An app that connects your customers to your product or services will significantly increase your conversion rates and build a loyal audience.

4. Integrate E-Commerce Systems 
Bricks-and-mortar stores are in decline because online stores are beneficial to both the customer and the business. A business benefits because they reach a wider audience—can stock more items than a physical store thanks to dropshipping—and have lower overheads.

The customer benefits because they can order from their home or across the country and still access the products they really want. Online stores mean customers are more likely to spend more time on your website too, and that means increased engagement with your brand.

There are so many ways to integrate e-commerce systems with existing and new website builds that it can be a confusing time for any business owner. A professional web developer will advise on the best platform and app integrations, By Shopify, for your customer base.

5. Continuous Website Security and Enhancements
Once your website is built, the work has only just begun. First, your website will need continuous security monitoring and updates to protect your customers' data.

Second, leaving your website alone once it's built is a recipe for disaster. You might see a peak in traffic to begin with, but without constant adjustments and updates, you'll slowly sink back down the search engine rankings.

You'll need to regularly update your website content if you want to retain a top spot in Google's search engine rankings. That could include developing a mobile-responsive site, updating product images, or even writing SEO blog content.

A rolling contract with your web design company will ensure continued security updates and fresh new design elements to keep your customers happy over time.

Boost Online Sales with Great Web Design

The common theme for all web design services is that they all contribute to boosting your online traffic and conversion rates.

You don't need to ask an agency to handle every aspect from Google Analytics integration to custom apps or regular blog content. However, the more you can outsource to one web design service, the more cohesive your overall marketing strategy can be. 

Roll all of your online website development and management needs into one package to save money and improve sales. Speak to our expert team today to see how our web design experts could boost your conversion rates in no time.