Web Design Trends for 2018




Ending the year of 2017, interesting designs are making their way on popular websites around the world. These patterns are going to shape the trend of web design moving into 2018. Here are some interesting styles you can try out that will definitely make your website embrace the new year. 


Although asymmetry can be tricky to pull off; when done right it offers an impactful experience for your users in a visual sense. This style uses elements that do not mirror each other. Though, carefully constructed it creates an eye catching result for any users who come across the website.


From portfolios to creative design agencies, bold fonts and bright colours are breathing new life to the branding landscape. Complementing the modern and sleek design, this style puts forth the only thing your users need to know or care about. A powerful impact on simplicity and excitement.



Minimalism has come and gone throughout the decade and 2018 looks to be another strong year for minimalism. Focusing only on the essentials, allows users to appreciate the design with less elements whilst giving them an abundance in experience. It’s also a great way for designers to play around with whitespace.



We all know to stay away from stock photos, though there are websites out there who still benefit from it. If having original photos weren’t enough; more brands are putting out graphic illustrations to convey simple ideas that they stand for. Cartoonish and basic illustrations effectively captures attention and works well in any simple design. 

To sum it up, 2018 is the year of artistic experience for websites. Where each design aims to engage visitors and creatively experience what the brand stands for and what it can offer. You can get a taste of it with us too!