The True Purpose Of Your Website




In these modern days, it seems that almost every single company, corporation or even individuals have their own websites or blog of some sort. Often, when companies or individuals have reached a stage of realizing that they actually need or want a website, they get overly excited and they want an overcomplicated website full of effects, colors, etc. That can be, however, not beneficial for them, even more it can have the opposite effect. 

True purpose

First of all, it is important to really know: 

"Do all these companies really know what is the true purpose or intention of them having their own websites?"

Really, with all these "decorations" and eye candies, it's no surprise that these websites often swayed off their initial or original purposes. Or perhaps they have no specific purpose at all since the beginning? It's really no surprise that some companies nowadays have a website just for the sake of having it.

A website is actually a very powerful tool, especially to companies if done properly and accordingly. Despite the fact that cost of obtaining domain names and web hosting space is relatively affordable these days, a website that stays true to its purpose and done right can be a valuable asset. Priceless, perhaps.

Here’s a tip.

If you or your company are to set up a website, take a moment and give a thought of what the website is about.

  • What purposes does the website serve?
  • Are you trying to sell something?
  • Are you educating your potential customers and providing information?
  • Are you trying to gain information from the website’s visitor?

These above are some examples of the agenda that a website should and must have. Sometimes making your intentions obvious on your website helps a lot. It’s better for your website visitor as well as yourself. People do not visit websites to be flooded by flashy animation and blinking banner. They are there to gather information, provide feedback or make purchase even.


Try to be as efficient as possible with your website. Figure out what you want to say or achieve with your website and work towards that direction. Convey your message to the website’s visitor as clearly as possible. This way, not only your website will look cleaner and more professional, it will be working on a much more rate efficient for your company. Growing your business as it should be. Contact Orangesoft and we will totally help you with creating a great website!