Top Tips to Maximise Working With Your Web Designer




If you've decided to upgrade, update, or redesign your website, you will be looking to collaborate with a web design specialist who can help you to achieve your online marketing goals. As the client, you are the expert on exactly how your website needs to function to perform best for your business and your target audience. Below we've highlighted our top tips for how to get the best out of working with your web designer. 


Go on the journey together 

You are the expert in your business and at understanding your target customer base. Your web designer is an expert in designing highly effective websites to help you achieve your business goals. There needs to be a consistent and open flow of communication both ways so that you are pooling your expertise and working towards the best possible outcome for your website. 

Ask to see regular updates

Often web designers can take briefs and go off and pour time into creating the site design you've agreed upon. By asking to see regular updates, you can give an input throughout the process and won't find yourself far later down the process with a site that needs redevelopment and design. Seeing updates regularly gives you the opportunity to ask questions, and understand how the site is being created so when you are managing it you have a better understanding of its design. 

Be clear 

You are the expert in your business, your market and in communicating with your customer base. You need to ensure primarily that you’re clear about the purpose of your website, and the objectives you’ve set to achieve through your site. Once you’re clear internally about what you’re looking to achieve with your website, you’ll be able to share this information with your web designer. Communicating your objectives will help your web designer create a site that performs exactly as you planned. Don't expect your designer to come up with the goals for your site as they don't know your business like you do.

At Orangesoft, we've successfully helped over 500 companies internationally with their web design. Working with our clients to understand their customer base, we will build a site to help them achieve their online marketing goals. For more information about how we can help you, get in touch.