Top 5 Web Design Trends for E-commerce




The e-commerce industry has become the need for online shoppers who want something new every day. The design which is new today may not work tomorrow. It is necessary to keep everything updated on a website so that visitors would not get bored. Many website owners update their website from time to time for better traffic and conversion results

1. Mobile shopping

Mobile internet usage has won over desktop searches which indicates that e-retailers should ensure that their shopping site is responsive and can go smoothly on different devices. It is clear that today’s smartphones and other upcoming mobile devices are becoming a major source of website traffic. Creating a responsive website is equally important as building a dynamic website to have great results.

2. Material design

Material design, the concept of building the websites that are content focused and caters all the needs of shoppers. The material design concept provides playful, unified and tangible user experience across all the platforms which make it so appreciated by web designers. Designers usually choose this to develop engaging e-commerce websites.

3. Minimalist Buttons

Since 2014, minimalist buttons are widely discussed among web designers as they consider this to be the best element in creating action-oriented web pages. The motive behind integrating these buttons to the web pages is to provide excellent user experience to the visitors through perfect actions. These buttons work nicely as call to actions and ensure a cohesive browsing experience to the users.

4. Typography:

Today, website owners look forward to improving their website’s layout by adding attractive components. Now, typography is gradually influencing better user experience. So, always be particular when selecting the font for your website. It’s a make or break for your visitors, to stay or click away. 

5. White Space

Online shoppers pick stores that have easy to understand and simple layouts rather than the ones that are designed with intricate patterns. More and more e-commerce owners have are now using white space to specifically define the most important part of that particular page or product. Visitors would automatically stick to the white space and they will not leave it unexplored.

Try out these few tips and experience it for yourself. Your website will be up to date with trends that are popular among online shoppers. Need help with updating your website design? Send us a message!