Top 5 companies that uses a circle for their logo




Throughout the history of design, circles were often used for creating memorable and timeless logos. At first glance it may not seem as much, but there is meaning behind the simple circle.

Circles are known to project a strong positive message. The symbolism of a circle is something that has no beginning or no end, it is constantly moving which suggests energy & power. It also symbolizes an energy that moves freely but makes a point that those inside the boundaries are well protected. It can also represent messages of unity, relationship, or community.

Naturally, there are a number of huge successful companies that uses the circle as their logo. Here we have 5 companies that uses the famous circle as their logo.

1. AT&T

This 2005 logo was created after SBC’s a
cquisition of AT&T. Designed by the company Interbrand. They incorporate a spherical 3D design, a different approach than their previous 2D design. The typeface was changed from being uppercase to lowercase.


2. Beats by Dre

A direct logo and quite easy to understand. Using the circle to represent a human head and to make the “b” stand out. The b is designed to look like the brand’s headphone and at the same time is a literal b for beats.


3. BMW

The logo for BMW has two different controversial stories surrounding it. The most popular iteration is that the circle is inspired by a rotating aircraft propeller. The white is supposed to represent a silver blade propeller against a clear blue sky. The other story, which was confirmed by BMW, is that the colours represent the colours of the Bavarian Flag, where BMW originated.


4. The Olympic

The Olympic symbol also known as “The Olympic Rings” was designed by Pierre De Coubertin. Consisting of five interlaced circles of equal proportions, it symbolises the union of the 5 continents under the banner of the Olympic Games.


5. Pepsi

Designed by Arnell Group for $1 Million, the current Pepsi logo has a stylized smile to give a friendly perception. The typeface was also redesigned to fit with the circular theme, but the colours used are still the same iconic red & blue Pepsi shade.


It is definitely an advantage if you're thinking of incorporating circle as the basic element in your company logo, due to its familiarity with the mass. The key here is to tweak it right and you'll have a unique logo, and gets to be easily related with the public audience. Even we got ourselves a logo that has circle element to it. Check it out on our website :-)