Top 3 Techniques for Better Content




Good storytelling never goes out of style, but eye-catching visuals and good flow are what keeps readers on your page. Here’s top 3 techniques you can use to improve your content. 

Use data and images to lend instant credibility.

Data is more trustworthy than opinions. If you haven't yet built personal credibility with an audience, you can use data to your advantage. Find statistics and studies that back you up. 

Include data and statistics, then take those statistics and put them in a visual of any kind. You should see engagement increase significantly. Human brains love proof, numbers and images. It only makes sense to use a combination of statistics, graphs, charts and screenshots to your advantage.

Use quotes for instant authority.

"The internet is filled with valuable content. It's almost a commodity at this point, and it's certainly not a differentiator." -- Mike Taylor, Marketing Specialist

I might skim right past a powerful statement buried within the text of an article. Arrange that same statement in quotation marks, and suddenly it becomes words to live by. It's almost as if our brains think it must be true if it's in quotes.

Maybe it's because we tend to quote influential and successful people (usually after they've died). Maybe it's because quotes carry with them a bit of implied legitimacy. Who knows. Either way, quotes work -- and they're a great way to instantly give your content a certain level of authority.

Use stories to keep readers engaged.

Why do we love movies, TV shows and books so much? We're hardwired to love stories. They speak a language that people's brains understand at a primitive level. 

Tell a boring topic as a story, and you'll instantly make it appealing and more engaging. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to do. Even the smallest amount of storytelling injected in your content can make a huge difference. Instead of making your point outright, present an example that really illustrates your message. It will be more relatable with your readers, and they'll be much more attentive.

Storytelling can be a tricky art to master, but if you stick to these top 3 techniques then you’ll be a master in no time. Need help setting up your content? Give us a chat!