Tools for Website Design




Website design is not just about colors and fonts. There are many dimensions to design, such as presentation, graphics, animations, page layouts, etc. To successfully create an impressive combination of all these, designers must master the right tools.


Popular Tools Used for Website Design


There are numerous website design tools that serve entirely different purposes. It is the designer who takes a call on which tool to use, depending upon the client’s requirements.

  • Photoshop:
    Adobe Photoshop is always the first choice for creating innovative web page layouts. It is also used for banner creation and smooth editing of images.

  • Illustrator: 
    Also a member of the Adobe family, Illustrator is widely used for the creation and flawless editing of vector-based images and graphics.

  • Flash: 
    The best tool for making your website glitzy and eye-catching with distinctive animations is Flash. Animation created using flash gives a new lease of life to even the most dull and dreary web pages.

  • Image Optimizer:
    Images go through several stages, such as resizing, compressing or even optimizing, for them to be integrated smoothly with the website design. Designers do this with the help of an image optimizer. This tool is ideal for png, gif and jpg files as well. It is also used for converting image types.

  • Media Cleaner: 
    This tool is widely used to stream video with optimum quality in a very short time.

  • Corel Draw:
    Most of the logos that you come across on the World Wide Web have been created using Corel Draw.

  • Adobe Fireworks: 
    Many designers use this designing tool for editing vector graphics.


With so many tools available, designers have to be on their toes to learn and implement them to offers innovative and unique solutions to their clients. Most website design companies mention on their website the tools that their designers have expertise in. If this is not the case, you can ask the company about the types of tools it uses before assigning it your task. Orangesoft is working with the most professional tool on the market, so contact us today and let yourself be in good hands.