TIPS : Top 3 Video Content Tools That Make Editing Easy




Content marketing is being dominated by video contents. With the emergence of “content creators” from Youtube, video content has proven to receive high engagement. A great video content is likely to reach a million views in mere hours, this phenomenon is called “going viral”. A nightmare or a dream come true for content marketers, depending on the video itself.

If you’re just starting out and have no clue to create your own videos, here is a list of video content tools you should look out for.


A noob friendly app with all of the basic video editing features. Videoshop allows you to easily create and edit videos, which then can be shared with your friends. It’s like having a professional video editor on your smartphone or your tablet.




A software made for companies looking to use video content easily. Magisto provides you a simple solution to create social videos by uploading whatever clips or pictures you have. Their “Emotional Sense Technology” is an AI which will be doing the editing for you. They use an algorithm to craft videos with Hollywood style storytelling to invoke emotions.



Stock photo enthusiasts rejoice! You now have a service which provides a large collection of stock video and audio. Promo allows you to create marketing videos easily, all you have to do is mix and match video to audio, then add your own text. If you’re interested in using PROMO, sign up now! They offer a lifetime license, you keep all the content and use however you want.

Videos are a huge trend in website design as well. Homepage with a video banner brings a lot of attention of your visitors. If you would like a help with a website, just give us a call or message us!