TIPS: Colour Palette Generator Just For You




You’re building your website and the branding is set, though you find it frustratingly difficult to find your dream colour. You’ve tried a bunch of tricks but the end result is still bad. Here’s what can help you, we have a list of the best colour palette generator tools just for you.


The tool used by many professionals. You can use their color wheel to play around and get a sense of what you want. Other than that, this tool offers features and options that can cater to creating advanced color palettes.


Beginner friendly, this site lets you generate simple colour schemes for you to use. If after thousands of clicks and you can’t still find the right generated colour scheme, then you can choose a variety of colour schemes made by designers just for you.


A special tool for your special needs. If for some reason, you found an image that best represents the mood of your website; just upload a picture to this site. They’ll put out the perfect colour palette that matches that image.


This tool generates the usual colour palette but goes further an explains each colour to you. A tool made perfect for Web & UI designers, it shows you which colour is suitable for shades, highlights, and backgrounds. Unlike most tools, this one gives you an example of how the colour will look like on certain website components. For example, tabs or buttons.


The tool for all you mood enthusiasts. Unlike other tools where colour can be generated manually, this tool generates a colour palette for you based on a theme or perhaps your favourite holiday location.


Check out these tools above and see what fits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. There is no limit on the effort to represent your brand well and captivate your audience through the use of colours.