Self Check Tools For Web Security




Previously, we talked about how important website security is to your business. Especially if your business is reliant upon your website. Even with your website security intact, it’s always a good idea to check for vulnerabilities. Rather check it for yourself?

Here are 5 tools online you can use to check for website vulnerabilities.


This tool provides a very comprehensive report for your viewing. They report on various security tests like SQL Injection, PHP Code Injection, Cross Site Scripting, HTTP Header Injection, Source Disclosure, Blind SQL Injection and much more. They’ll notify you through e-mail with a vulnerability summary.


It’s the most popular tool right now and it’s free. This tool provides a quick test for Malware, Injected SPAM, Defacements, and Website blacklisting.Though remote scanning can be limited, they also provide a full scan service but a subscription is required.

Qualys SSL Labs

This tool is often used to scan the SSL web server. They provide you an in-depth analysis of your website URL. This includes expiry date, overall rating, SSL/TLS version, Cipher, Protocol details, and more. You may want to do a quick test , especially if you have a HTTPS url website.


Quttera is another tool for you to check your website. They look for malware and any vulnerability that hackers can use to exploit. It scans your website for malicious files, phishTank, Safe Browsing (Google, Yandex), and Malware domain list.


A SaS based website security scanner. They automatically test your website for more than 1000 vulnerabilities. What makes this much more appealing than the previous tools is that, they use the knowledge of more than 100 handpicked ethical hackers. This knowledge is implemented by the system to constantly detect the latest security issues. They also provide you with information on how to fix them.

Those are 5 tools readily available online, that you can use for a quick security check. Website security is growing more vital today as security breaches are becoming common. Make sure to invest well for your website security.

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