Monthly Tips: What To Look For In A Good Logo Design




As the year rolls on by, imagery and design continue to go back and forth on trends. Though some practices are timeless. Businesses compete and invest heavily on creating the imagery that reflects them at the core. Due to the obvious power of branding, companies wastes no time into putting the best practice for logo design.


Choosing the best logo design can be time consuming, but if you know what to look for, then the process becomes much easier.


1. Look For The Simple

A good logo design is able to reflect a simple story behind the brand, or the business with a few shapes and colours. Texts are okay as long as it is a catchy sentence that consists of 1 to 3 words. Though the best practice for designing a great logo, usually involves using one shape and one simple colour, with a simple three worded tagline.


2. Smart Visuals

Consumers and design enthusiasts greatly appreciate a logo that plays with visuals. Where one shape can take two different meanings but still relates to the brand. Smart visuals that provoke thought within a consumer’s mind is more likely to be remembered.


This logo design for example, clearly translates the message that they are in the business of green technology. A tree is used to signify the environment, and the brain signifies the illusion of the leaves at the same time informing the consumers that research and science is at the core of the brand.


3. Pay Attention To Colour

The colour palette of your logo is extremely important and often taken for granted. A great logo design incorporates carefully selected colours that communicate the ideas of the brand. From a psychological standpoint, colours have the ability to inform our decisions regarding a brand. Popular colours like blue are often picked when it is trying to convey intelligence and trustworthiness. Hence, companies like Facebook, Twitter and even Intel incorporate the colour blue. Another example, is the McDonalds M logo where they use the colour yellow. Yellow is known to encourage appetite and hunger.


4. Consider The Use Of Negative Space

Making a unique logo may be challenging. Though with simple creative tricks can make a normal logo look great. Designers today practice designing logos by using negative space to bring forward their idea. Logos that successfully use negative space can be a pleasant brain teaser for consumers, which will ultimately help your brand.

The Monster logo uses a capital letter M as a shape, while incorporating the negative space to bring out the monster itself.

This logo is for a brand called Typeface. Notice the creative use of negative space, to highlight the capital T and at the same time creating an illusion of a face.

The best design practice when it comes to creating logos are of course riddled with research and creative use of simple shapes and affects. Every great design, follow the rules of being simple, thought provoking, and relatable. Look out for it when choosing or designing your logo. When you do it right, it goes a long way and any other activities that needs brand reference such as designing a website, will help the designers to come up with a relatable concept for your website.