Key Factors In Selecting A Good Domain Name For Your Business




When starting a new business, there are a lot of things involved. One of the main reasons of starting a business is not only to provide value to people in need in a particular niche via your products or services, but also to make profits.

Going online by having a business website created for you is one of the surest ways of reaching new potential clients in your market with your products and services. But with this comes the issue of choosing an appropriate domain name that will market your brand online, thereby maximizing sales but ensure you get ranked on search engines. This step in your quest for online presence can be full of blunders if proper fact-finding is not done. Owning a suitable domain name for your business enhances authority, sales and creates room for advancement and expansion.

In other words, you must get the right domain name for your company, do not jump into this decision without proper consideration. Do not become committed to a domain name that will disappoint you in the future without first understanding and following some guidelines. There are some factors to consider if you are to get it right.

A Concise Domain

Name Domain names that are concise are easy to remember. Your customers can easily recall the name of your website even if they forget to bookmark your site. Long domain names are not that bad, but they can be difficult to recollect at a moment’s notice. A short domain name will easily be entrenched in the minds of your clients.

Keyword-Based Domain Name

Keywords play a very important role in the ranking of a website, and if your domain name has your business keyword embedded in it, the better. Search engines usually lean towards keyword-based domain names for ranking high and this is what marketers and online business owners always target when working on their search engine optimization. A

lthough Google has begun to be strict about this practice, nevertheless, a good keyword-based and function-rich domain name increases your business listing on Search Engine Rank Pages as well as your CTRs (Click-Through Rates).

Authoritative and Distinct Domain Name

Choose a name that mirrors your brand. A little research will come in handy in this regard. Steer clear of domain names that even remotely bear a resemblance to that of other businesses or organizations, as this could lead to legal complications. By using the U.S. Trademark Database, you can check if your desired domain I.D. infringes on the trademark of another business like yours, or not. It will also allow you to know if someone else has already chosen that name or not.

Your customers may also become a bit bewildered as to which particular name belongs to which and end up going to your competitors. Your domain name must be trustworthy as well as be able to plainly convey your message to potential and returning customers.

Beneficial Representation

Let your domain name send a positive message as soon as it is read by a customer. The kind of feeling evoked by your domain name should be one that identifies with the class of people your business is meant to serve. The mere mention of your domain name would bring your brand to mind immediately.

Use of Numerals and Hyphens

There are some things you need to avoid when creating your domain name for your business. You should avoid using numerals in your name, whether it’s written in words or a numerical figure, for instance THREE or 3 respectively. Avoid the use hyphens as well; if your customers don’t remember how to type it in their browsers, they may end up getting redirected to your competitors’ website. Also avoid words that are difficult to spell or are puzzling.

Domain Name Extension

Despite the availability of several domain name extensions like .com, .us, .org, .biz, etc., the “.com” domain is still the leader of the pack and is generally believed to be more invaluable. This is because a lot of internet users have become accustomed to typing “.com” on their favorite browsers.

If you are only serving the Malaysian market, then a “” or “.my” domain will suffice. If the “.com” domain name is taken, check the website that’s using that name to see if it’s a good site (“good” in the sense that it’s not a malware site or a porn website). Doing this will ensure your customers don’t get redirected to bad websites in case they mistype your domain name in their browsers, which will not bode well for your business. If you’re sure it’s a “good” one, then you may purchase the extension.


In conclusion, a good domain name for your business presents your offer to the online world succinctly and in a frank manner. It tells what your business is all about, who it’s meant for and what you do. It should also set your business apart when compared to your competitors and serves to build you a brand in the minds of customers. It should also be search–engine friendly to promote your business online as well.

So now you chose your name. Contact Orangesoft and create a great website!