The Impact of A Color Scheme on Your Web Design




When it comes to web design, there are many elements that are essential: layout, organisation, digital optimisation and SEO. However, in addition to these, colour is a crucial part of web design. The colour of your website is the first thing that a visitor or a client will notice - and it will form their impressions of your business - so adopting a suitable colour scheme for your website is key.


Colour is psychological


Certain colours connect with the mind and have a psychological influence, so this is important in web design. The colours of your website need to be connected with your business and they need to represent your company.


Colour influences how website visitors think and feel, and certain colours may trigger or prompt a particular action. In some ways, colour is a call-to-action marketing strategy. For example, green represents wellness, so it might be great to use this on your site if you run a health and fitness business. Yellow and orange are bright shades that represent happiness, so these colours may be appealing to site visitors. White invokes a sense of creativity, so this is a colour to use for your website if you run a creative brand.


Each colour has its own meaning, and web design agencies will bear this in mind when designing your website.


Colours represent your brand


As previously mentioned, colours represent your brand and this should show on your website. After all, there is no point in your website having a blue and white colour scheme when your business's colours are yellow and orange, for instance.


If your business doesn't have a particular colour or colour scheme, then it's best to think of the right colour and shade that represents your brand, so that site visitors and consumers can easily identify you. Also, a specific colour scheme keeps your site looking consistent and professional. In addition to this, a colour scheme can add a dynamic personality to your brand, and that can connect with potential consumers and clients.


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