Email Space Matters




Don't be surprised when I tell you that there are people with only 25MB of storage space in their emails, and they work for an international automotive company. It's kind of like using a Nokia 8210 when the iPhone is all the rage.

With Gmail offering 7.4GB of storage for free, it's a real shame to be stuck with just 25MB of space. Every single email must then be saved onto the computer. Plus, it can exceed the quota easily when someone sends you a video or when you go away for vacation.

For most people, however, the decision to upgrade mailboxes doesn't come as easily as what you might think. It's the change that puts people off. Businesses that have invested heavily in their in-house mail server usually end up in a dilemma. Maintaining an email server in-house is costly and never easy. Most in-house mail servers are running on small-scale setups with less redundancy and less frequent upgrades. To catch up with ever-increasing email requirements, businesses are starting to outsource their email to business email providers.