Ecommerce Web Designing in Malaysia




In the competitive economic scenario of today, it isn’t enough just to have online presence. Businesses have to strive hard to make their presence felt in the online and offline world alike.

And who could relate to this need better than an ecommerce business. Online visibility is the one factor that can make or break an Ecommerce company. The main objective of increased visibility is to increase traffic to a site.

However, even this is not enough for true success. Merely increasing traffic does not necessarily mean an increase in online sales. The traffic on a site should be relevant and the website itself should be engaging enough to hold on to visitors long enough to convert a high percentage of them into actual customers. This is where the skill of the web designer comes to the rescue.

A well designed website has certain characteristic features that ensure that the visitor has a positive experience and is attracted enough to want to know more about the company and what it has to offer. Here are some tips that will prove useful for an Ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Web Designing: Some Useful Tips

To ensure that a visitor not only stays on your ecommerce website but also makes a purchase, here are some tips to use while designing your website:


  • User Friendly Site Navigation:
    A website featuring easy navigation is bound to keep the visitors engaged and wanting to explore further. It also helps them search for the desired products with optimum ease. The result is that there are higher chances of users visiting the website again.

  • Customer Analysis:
    The best way to improve your Ecommerce website is to observe the behavior of your customers. This will also help you understand their needs better, not only in terms of modifications to existing products, but also when it comes to planning for new products.

  • Website Theme:
    To make the website look unified, you can base it on a theme. This also makes it easier for users to navigate easily. Moreover, the design looks consistent. The theme includes basic design elements, apart from font size and style.

  • Give Quick Response:
    An Ecommerce website design must be simple and quality oriented so that the website does not take too long to load. Sometimes, web designers use heavy flash files to make the design look attractive. However, this compromises the quality of the website. To overcome this and yet make the Ecommerce web design look appealing, use small flash files that do not interfere with page loading.


However, the best results when it comes to Ecommerce web design is obtained by hiring the services of an experienced professional. Although a freelance web designer will be a cheaper option in Malaysia, a company that employs a team of professionals will offer you more choices.