Common place SEO Mistakes Committed by Designers and Developers




If you are planning to ensure maximum visibility for your webpage, engaging SEO techniques would be unavoidable. You would be required to engage SEO techniques that help in achieving healthy search engine rankings, in order to be frequently traceable.


Most often, the most eclectic website designs could also end up being non conducive to SEO techniques. Some such commonplace SEO blunders committed by designers and developers have been listed below.


Common SEO Mistakes


Some of the most common yet costly SEO mistakes often committed unawares would include:


  • Often, the first element of a webpage would be a large banner with a “click here” link for entering the actual webpage. And even worse, the link is often found embedded within the flash object. This does not allow spiders to enter the link. And, this does not make it search engine friendly at all! This is because although your homepage might achieve impressive rankings, the internal pages would not appear in their index. This in turn is due to the linking structures that allow spiders to enter the internal pages being absent here! The homepage must contain links and keywords that lead to the more important internal pages.


  • Important content must never be embedded in images or Flash. This is because web spiders are no different from text browsers. As a result, when you place your content in images or flash, the spiders aren’t able to decipher them and they simply go unnoticed.


  • Overusing Ajax is a very bad idea, especially from the SEO point of view. Developers often attempt to impress web visitors through usage of giant Ajax features for navigation. However, since Ajax content requires dynamic loading, it does not get indexed by the search engines and hence the spiders cannot trace them either! Hence, your search engine rankings are bound to slip.


  • A lot of designers simply use generic terms like “learn more” and “click here” as link terminologies for leading the visitor to pages containing specific information. However, it would always be a better idea to use keywords and related terms in the links, instead of generic words. This would make it more search engine friendly.


It would always be wiser to engage a web designer who also specializes in SEO techniques, for comprehensive solutions.