Banner Design Techniques for Website Designers




A website banner has been an integral part of every website since the early days of the internet. Online businesses are becoming increasingly conscious of website banners to give users an enhanced experience on their website. Website designers are under constant pressure to come up with unique ideas to show their creative thinking.

How Website Designers can Create Compelling Website Banners

The following points can help you create interesting banners:


What will you do if you find a banner saying, “Don’t click on it!” Most of us will click on it out of curiosity. Right? Yes, curiosity is the underlying factor that website designers and copywriters need to leverage to create compelling banners.


If your website banner seeks participation from visitors, it can help increase footfall on your website. For instance, you can integrate a creative measure in the form of a popular old game with your banner. You can also integrate something that asks the user to check his IQ or find the odd one out. By making good use of Flash technology, website designers can create one-of-a-kind banner designs. However, it should be kept in mind that these creative measures should ideally be in consonance with what your website is offering.

Soothing Color Combination:

You may not believe it, but black and white is “in” again. In fact, it was never completely out from the designing scenario, although a lot of new color combinations have become popular. Trends in color combinations will, no doubt, keep changing, but colors that are soothing to the eyes are always considered ideal.

Think Out of the Box:

Most website designers are familiar with The website proves how creative thinking can create a new trend and make money at the same time. After this page became a hot spot on the World Wide Web, many designers have started following the idea of creating banners through which they earn by selling 10x10 pixel area of it. Such banners not only attract advertisers who are looking for such spaces online but also appeal to visitors through their unorganized pixel design.

Last but not the least; website designers should not compromise on simplicity in their banner designs. Those who are looking for creative ways to popularize their website, contact a website designing company that can provide them simple yet compelling banners.