All about Facebook Offline Conversion




Facebook has unveiled their Facebook Offline Conversions. It’s a feature that goes hand in hand with Facebook ads and is a powerful tool for digital marketers. Especially those who actively do Facebook ads.

Here’s a few basic things you should know about Facebook Offline Conversions and why it is important.

Tracking the not so straight sales funnel

What usually happens when it comes to a Facebook ad, is a user clicks and they get directed for purchase. A very simple sales funnel. However, some sales funnel aren’t as direct. Some users click through but never make it pass purchasing the item, and they do it by actually visiting your physical store.

So this is what Facebook Offline Conversion is made to measure, your offline sales caused by your online facebook ads.

How does Facebook does it?

Facebook Offline Conversions measure offline sales by matching data from your CRM, marketing automation tool, call centre software, or point of sale system to your Facebook advertising campaigns.

It identifies information from your sales systems, like email addresses then compare the purchases to those who viewed Facebook ads in past campaigns. If there’s a match, it credits the sale to the specific ad and campaign viewed.

How is it important to digital marketers?

Facebook Offline Conversion lets you create more robust marketing reports. Digital marketers usually track leads, subscribers, and followers their marketing campaigns generate. Now, it allows them to also track how many sales that are generated online and offline as a result of their marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in improving your online marketing campaigns (like Facebook ads), through assessment of both online and offline conversion then leveraging Facebook Offline Conversions is definitely the way to go. Contact Orangesoft for a professional help.