5 reasons why landing pages are important





A landing page is just the page people land on because an ad or email directed them to that specific page as opposed to your site’s homepage. Effective landing pages make it very clear what a visitor is going to get from a page and how to get it. Not sure if your business even needs a landing page? 

Here are 5 reasons why landing pages are important for your business.

Local content

One of the best ways to get your site to rank higher when people search locally and on mobile devices is to have content relevant to the surrounding area. Creating landing pages that feature very localized neighbourhood content is a great way to start. Building the local content and links necessary will move your pages up in the search index for local search.

Social content

Sending your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook connections to landing pages that are personalized to each network is a great way to deepen the connection. By running social media feeds on these pages and acknowledging the connection, you will find a much higher degree of engagement in those networks.

Smart content

By creating landing pages that address specific market segments, product segments or key content segments for your business you can better funnel people to relevant content. Using a tool like Survey Funnel in conjunction with your landing pages could allow a visitor to tell you what they are looking for and be directed to specific content based on their choices.

Lead capture

Landing pages are your lead capture wizard. If you have a great eBook or free workshop to promote you may want to create signup forms for most of your web pages. Your signups will soar when you create a page that details, sells and demonstrates the benefits of acquiring your free report. A landing page with video, audio, images, descriptions and very intuitive call to action will help further for lead capture campaigns.

Advertising conversion

Any form of advertising will be much more effective if it is targeted to a page that contains nothing but content that supports the message in your ads. The more relevant the page to the ad, the more effective. Smart marketers constantly experiment with ad and landing page combinations, including creating keyword optimized pages for specific groups of PPC ads.

Landing pages are great to capture the attention of your target market, whatever your goal may be. From starting up to specific campaigns, landing pages is a powerful tool. 

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